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  1. Owner Arthur - Supreme - Kevin - Head Of Server Foly - Got to love the man for all the events he hosts. Helped me out a ton when I started and I am genuinely enjoying playing the server at the moment. Donation Manager Luke - Drogo - Best deals around. Answers all questions and pms asap when he is on. Havent had to wait yet Ryan - Jor - Head Administrator Rapiid ags - AK 47- Very active and engages with all players. I havent talked to him personally yet. Sezy - Administrator Dro - Pixie Joe - Always around, always helpful. In my opinion the most active staff member of all Rob Macabre - Couvee Jr - I see him at the gamble area very often. Is open to all sorts of questions and helps where he can. R M B T - Bernard - Ntho Skiller Head Moderator Kreatiivs - One of the few mods on any server I play that actually plays the game. Havent had too much contact with him but he is very helpful in the help cc Moderator Jonnie - Forums Moderator Bernard Ntho Skiller Server Support Bucky - Copskillcows - Very active player, helps whenever he can. I try to answer questions in the help cc as much as possible but he is always there to help before me haha.. Also has an overpriced pos, maybe consider banning him. Stkdeath - Trial Support Sponsored By - Has been very active and seems to genuinely care for the server. Vouch! Offline X - Has been helping me all day trying to figure out the game and learn about the custom items you have, he has even carried me through a few of my first raids! Very active aswell. Big vouch!


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