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  1. +1 from me i think it would make it more interesting
  2. ohiofort01


    welcome! hope you enjoy! -ohio
  3. Great suggestions most will be added as always moosh keep up the great suggestions! thank -ohio
  4. thank you for the suggestions, we plan on reworking the prestige shop in the future as far as the other we decided as the staff to deny these suggestions. Feel free to keep posting suggestions in the future! thanks -ohio
  5. thank you for the suggestion most of these will be implemented keep the good ideas coming! - ohio
  6. ty for the suggestion we will be implimenting things to put melee and magic on par with range. thanks -ohio
  7. -1 from me nex is stupid easy i could do it with my eyes closed, it should be hard to get superior pets
  8. but thats the point of them so that way new players can buy them not worry about it degreading losing money, ad getting decent starter gear
  9. i just feel like its not worth welling its too easy to get but maybe
  10. wasnt just me you can also thank jonny he was the one i talked to glad to help as always
  11. i feel like pvp armours should not degrade as when we (the pkers) die in a fight we already lose the gear. myself an possibly quiet a few others can agree with me. especially since the price of bandos, and arma are expensive to new players. them going to ghost town to get pvp armours will give them an edge to getting more powerful gear. i hope this thread gets this fixed. Ohio Server Support feel free to add your input below


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