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    Here i will be plotting some idea out and with the voting of you the simplicity members i will decide what to do with prizes for all!, all you have to do is leave a comment on which event you would like more or if you would change any of them how would you , ill be looking at all comments and reading them all Golden Balls, (Split or steal) I'll have a certain amount of coins as the prize it is up to the 2 players, The rules are simple. you both have to talk to each other and decide among both of you whether to split or steal If you both split = You both split the coins If you both steal = You both lose the money and the host keeps it if one person splits and the other person steals = the person who steals it keeps it all It's all about trust and do you trust your friend/foe? 1v1 bracket style duel arena tournament, simple generated brackets 1v1 bo3 style to be confirmed prizes for 3rd 2nd and 1st Normal players run the gauntlet. A normal player will run a gauntlet of staff members in a 1v1 style format where the aim is to kill the staff member food and specs will be restored at the end, and for every staff member you have killed the prize increases but if you die to anyone then you lose all the money/items you won. but if you feel like the opponent is going to be too tough you can opt out and keep half of what you get "you don't get rewarded for being a coward" may change it depending on comments First to max an Iron man Pick a time and day, everyone makes an ironman, with a certain phrase or number in it so we know all of them are made at the same time and the first person to receive the " "insert name" has relieved max cape Group ironman to max same content as the ironman but in groups, work together to help get resources the winning team is the team to get all 5 members to max if people wanted to, Also i could create 5 tasks for each group and one person must undertake that task for them to win e.g earn a fire cape, earn a pet thats not beaver or heron, But if you want to add anything or think of an event you would like to see run please comment down below and we can your idea into an event
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    Welcome back buddy, hope to see you in-game
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    Hey guys, We get this question a lot so I decided to make this easy to use list of items you aren't allowed to bring into the wilderness! Hope it's helpful. If I missed anything, please comment below, or let me know in server. OTHER BANNED ITEMS FROM THE WILDERNESS - Twisted slayer helm Handcannon XI Enjoy
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    I like the idea of 1 and 3 tbh. I think it will be good to see players go up against eachother for number 1.
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    Looking slick my man! Looks like something a druid or elf would use
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    There have been many suggestions about this in the last few months about the eco / not enough cash going around. Right now the eco is as it is but may be improved in the future with updates and new content.
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    Welcome back @ Victor Will see you around in game and hopefully this time you stick around!
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    Welcome back my man 😃


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